We offer a variety of Polish background checks carried out on job applicants and other individuals who spent a considerable amount of time living in Poland. This includes:

We also carry basic Polish pre-employment screening checks, such as:

  • Polish employment verification
  • Polish professional references
  • Polish education verification
  • Polish qualification verification
  • Polish professional organisation membership verification.
  • Polish GAP verification
  • Personal / character references
  • Self-employment verification
  • Unemployment and other benefits verification

Although part of these checks could be carried out in-house, some of our clients find it much more cost effective and time efficient to outsource them to us. Thanks to our local access, language proficiency and competitive prices we stand an attractive alternative.

If you are a background screening organisation contact us to request a PDF brochure with further product and process flow description, sample reports and prices.

Polish background checks carried out on Polish job applicants