Polish credit check

Polish credit check carried out on consumers is an effective and convenient tool you can use to estimate trustworthiness of the individuals and quickly reveal potential sources of threat to your organisation.

Source of Information

Our Polish credit check carried out on Polish, as well as foreign consumers is based on three independent sources of information:

  1. Credit Information Bureau

This organisation created by the Polish Bank Association and the largest Polish consumer banks run the only Polish interbank database of consumer credit liabilities. All Polish banks are obliged to feed the database with current status of every client’s credit accounts in monthly intervals. This obligation makes the CIB database the most complete one. This is where the vast majority of adverse financial information on job applicants comes from. Credit Information Bureau are a member of the Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers.

  1. Polish Bank Association

The Association run a simple “black list” of untrustworthy clients reported by the Polish banks. The only information the association reveals is the indication whether the subject is listed in the database or not.

  1. Private credit referencing agency

This is one of three independently operating Polish credit referencing agencies. The information on overdue consumer liabilities can be reported to the agency by companies (mainly utilities and telecoms), government institutions or private individuals who have obtained a court judgment.

The average split of the information our report is fed with by source:


Polish credit check carried out on consumers - graphical representation of split of infromation fed to the report by source



Our Polish credit check includes the following information:

  • Report search date
  • Information on databases searched
  • Summary information on all current outstanding liabilities over 60 days past due, if the due amount exceeds 200 polish zlotys (approximately £40) or information on lack of such liabilities.
  • Detailed information on each liability, including:
  • Total outstanding amount and the amount overdue
  • Source of information (CIB or the credit referencing agency)
  • Type of liability
  • Creditor’s type, industry and location
  • Arrears starting date or the last update date
  • Polish Bank Association database search result (positive or negative)

In addition to the typical consumer credit check we can carry out a research looking for outstanding liabilities relating to the subject’s business activity carried out as a sole trader.

Please find below a sample of the Polish credit check:

Process and Turnaround Time

We will provide you with a two-page application pack to be completed and signed by the applicant. We carry out the check instantly on receipt of the hard copy, original application form and a scan/picture of the subject’s proof of ID to provide the results electronically (PDF file) within one working day (in most cases the same day we receive the forms).


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