Polish driving licence check

Whenever you hire or consider hiring a Polish driver, Polish driving licence check should be a mandatory part of your hiring process. Employing a driver holding a foreign driving licence brings extra risk to the hiring process and day to day business. If you are not familiar with the foreign driving licence photo card it could be hard to determine whether it is valid and genuine. And even if document is genuine it may turn out it does not represent the driver’s legal right to drive vehicles. In case of the Polish driving licence it is still possible the driver is restricted from driving mechanical vehicles by a court ban, or the driving entitlement is suspended, even though he/she holds a seemingly valid document.

Whereas showing a duty of care by inspecting the driving licence may be sufficient in case of the drivers holding local driving licences in your country, you should definitely consider a more scrupulous eligibility check in case of foreign drivers. Polish driving licence check will help you mitigate this risk if you happen to be employing drivers from Poland. Furthermore you can have an insight into the driving history, which lets you make even more informed hiring decision.

Source of Information

The Polish driving licence checks is based on the information provided by the Central Vehicle and Driver Register* (CVDR), which is an equivalent of DVLA in the U.K. or DMV in the U.S. The Register is controlled by the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs. It collects information on all vehicles registered in Poland and all drivers holding Polish driving licences. It also provides information on persons with suspended driving entitlements or restricted from driving vehicles by court judgments.

The Register holds all of the above information for a lifetime, with an exception for the court bans on driving vehicles, which are subject to expungement policies.


The Polish driving licence check report includes:

  • Holder’s personal details
  • Driving licence number
  • Licence issue and expiry date
  • Entitlement categories (as per the European Directive)
  • Category validity periods
  • Entitlement restrictions (as per the European Directive)
  • Photo card number
  • Name of the issuing authority
  • Information on ADR certificates or lack of thereof (for drivers carrying dangerous goods)


Events, such as:

  • Seizure / release of the photo card
  • Suspension / renewal of entitlements (e.g. as a result of exceeding the maximum amount of penalty points or revocation of licence on medical grounds)
  • Loss / retrieval of the photo card
  • Ban on driving vehicles as a penalty imposed by a court judgment (details are provided by the National Criminal Register)

You can view or download sample Polish driving licence check report here:

Sample of the Polish driving licence check report

 Process and Turnaround Time

The application pack needs to be completed and hand signed by the candidate. Original of the application needs to be posted to our office, however we initiate the check upon receipt of a clear scan of the documents.

CVDR has a statutory term of 30 days for providing the results, nevertheless the average turnaround time for the service delivery is four working days from the initiation of this check. We provide you with a scan of the CVDR report along with its English translation in a PDF format.

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