Polish traffic offences and penalty points check

As explained in the above section, Polish driving entitlements may turn out to be revoked, even if the driver holds a seemingly valid driving license . This happens if the he/she commits numerous traffic offences during one year. In Poland each traffic offence is assigned with a number of “penalty points”. Polish driving license is suspended after totting-up of 24 penalty points resulting in the driver loosing any driving entitlements until he/she completes and additional course or meets further criteria. As the Polish driving licence photo card does not show information on the penalty points, the only way to verify it is “clean” is by filing an enquiry to the Polish police department of traffic.
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Source of Information

Information on the traffic offences and the number of penalty points is obtained directly from the Register of Drivers with Traffic Offences, held by the Police Head Office. This nationwide database collects information on all traffic violations committed by Polish citizens, regardless if they do hold the driving licence or not.Bodybuilding – met spieren en charisma naar boven buy kopen magnum turnibol 10 met nederland verzending waar clomid online bodybuilding te kopen. Information on every traffic offence is stored for one year from the incident date, no matter the type and severity of the offence.


The report includes the following details:

  • Subject’s personal details
  • Total number of penalty points accrued during the year preceding the report date
  • Detailed information on every traffic offence, including:
  • Type and code of the traffic offence
  • Number of the penalty points assigned
  • Date of the traffic offence
  • Indication if the endorsement is final or temporary
  • n Type of information (verbal or in writing)
  • Copy of a written certificate issued by the police (Polish version) along with its English translation (only if the written information was ordered)
  • Source of information (relevant police department contact details)


Polish traffic offences and penalty point check including endorsements

Sample Polish traffic offences and penalty points report

Process and Turnaround Time

Due to the legal regulations the whole process is paper based. We process the check upon receipt of the original, hard copy consent of the candidate.

Depending on your requirements we can obtain the information on the penalty points verbally (our own, unofficial report) or in writing (translation of the official document). The turnaround time for the verbal information is 6 working days and 8 working days for the written one.

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