Document Translation


Legal translations are the ones than need to be carried out with the highest level of accuracy. Stanley Solution uses only the best translator with proven experience, which guarantees the highest level of performance.

Polish community living in the UK is rapidly expanding. The higher volume of Polish consumers gives an opportunity of entering a lucrative market niche. On the other hand it causes the risk of legal problems which may emerge when legal aspects of any transaction are not fully understood. By providing your Polish customers with contracts, terms and conditions or any other legal documents in the Polish language version you will gain credibility and their faith. You will also save time on resolving claims and complaints from your customers.

We cover all the fields of English to Polish legal translation. We would especially recommend our services in the following fields:


We cover topics such as: policies (car, property, home, business, travel, loss, health, life, death, injury or any other insurance) brokerage agreements, indemnity, etc.
Especially recommended to insurance companies and brokerage agencies.


We can translate any kind of agreement. Make sure your Polish contractors have a thorough understanding of the transaction before the contract is signed.

Working Law

Probably there is not a single factory in the UK where there would not be a Polish labourer. The language barrier might be a problem in a day to day communication, but when it comes to legal aspects, lack of understanding might be a disaster. Make sure your Polish employees understand the conditions under which they work, meet all the regulations and are aware of all the duties and restrictions. Save on the lawyers.


If you offer financial services and a part of your customers comes from the Polish community, it is highly advisable to make sure they are aware of all the implications, terms and conditions, costs and benefits involved. The service you offer may be the best on the market but the benefits to the customer are vague and uncertain if there is no proper understanding. Let us translate into Polish all the documents, such as loans, credits and, overdraft agreements, mortgage documentation, payment arrangements, etc.

Licences, Certificates, Patents

We will translate into Polish any kind of certificate. Our translators are experience in translation of marriage, divorce, birth and death certificates, university diplomas and educational certificates. For business purposes: patents, intellectual property legislation, trade marks, certificates and licences of any kind. Bear in mind Polish law requires a certified translation for most these documents.


Our team of experienced translators will translate any court documents, including witnesses' testimonials, legal proceedings, case history and court decisions. Our range of specialisation includes Business, Civil, Criminal and Propriety Law but we will find an appropriate and experience freelance translator to translate any legal document you wish.

Key benefits:

  • Proof-reading done by a separate translator experienced in the legal field.
  • Ongoing consultations with the client in order to deliver a perfect translation
  • Absolute confidentiality
  • Firm and binding Polish version of your legal document
  • Certification on request
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