Document Translation


Medical translations are the ones that require the utmost attention form both, the translator and the proof-reader. Because of the risk of harm which could be done due to unprofessional and inaccurate translation, we treat all the medical translations with an extra care.

We will use only those translators, who posses a hands on experience in the field in which they translate and have a proofed translation experience. Most of them work in hospitals, clinics and research centres as doctors or scientists, on a day to day basis. The combination of our linguistic skills with a thorough knowledge of medical and scientific matters is a guarantee of a correct translation, retaining the meaning of the original document.

Thanks to our large base of translators we are able to provide you with a quality translation in every field, including pharmacy, chemistry or biology. The most common areas of medical translation we provide include:
  • Marketing materials
  • Medical equipment manuals
  • Training material
  • Newsletter articles
  • Product description
  • Medical correspondence
  • Health Service materials (forms, brochures, leaflets)
All the translations are performed exceptionally by the native speakers. The standard service includes proof-reading by another translator specialised in the same field.

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