Document Translation

Fields Of Specialisation

Depending on the topic of your source materials we will arrange for a general or specialised translation. Based on our experience we will choose the most suitable translators to deal with your order. If your project requires specialised knowledge from more than one field, we will distribute the workload among the translators from different fields of specialisation.

General Documents

General Documents include all the projects that do not require the use of a translator with a specialised knowledge and do not contain specialised vocabulary. We will let you know if there is a need for a specialised translation in our quotation.
If the content of your materials is close to one of our topics listed below it does not necessarily determine the use of a specialised translator. You can still be charged our basic rate if the source text does not contain a lot of complex vocabulary. We will let you know of the rate in our quotation.

Price: £45 per 1000 words (draft document)
£50 per 1000 words (formatted document)

Specialised Translation

We are happy to translate for you any materials requiring specialised knowledge. Our team of translators from different fields is ready to deal with any project - no matter the content, no matter the complexity. If your project requires a specialised knowledge from multiple fields, we will use a number of translators, accordingly to their specialisation and experience.
If your project does require use of specialised translators but some larger parts of the text might be dealt with by a general translator, do not worry, we will charge you for these passages at our standard rate.

Price: £50 per 1000 words (draft document)
£55 per 1000 words (formatted document)

The range of fields we specialise in includes (but not limits to):

Our range of translating services does not limit to the fields listed above. We can deliver a quality translation no matter the subject and we guarantee completion on time and on budget.

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