Document Translation

Final Product

Want your translation to be delivered as plain text? (doc, txt or pdf file format) or as a document formatted accordingly to your demands?
Why not choose from our two options:


  • Delivered in Word or Notepad format.
  • No time is spent on localisation and text editing which makes this option more cost efficient.
  • Need the translation just for your own purposes then this solution is perfect for you!
  • All text is proof-read and thoroughly checked before delivery.
  • If you find you need a specific layout for your documents after the translation had been delivered, you can always let our DTP specialists put it into a desired format.

Price: £45 per 1000 words for General Documents
£50 per 1000 words for Specialised Translation


Want to receive a translation as a document of a particular format? We'll tailor to your specifications.
Not only will we keep the desired layout but translate all the graphical elements containing text too!

Choose from the two Formats:


  • The target document is exactly the same as the source one.
  • We keep the original document format, layout, tables, boxes, footnotes, pictures and all other graphical elements.
  • The only difference might be the document length. (The same content expressed in Polish may be up to 20% longer than the English source text.)

Custom Made

No matter the type of the source document you can choose the file format of the target document. When placing an order, you will be ask to specify the desired file format, layout and type of fonts to be used. Our DTP specialists will tailor the final document accordingly to your needs. Before completion of the order we will show you a sample of the text to your acceptance.
To view the list of file formats that we currently hold, please click here.

Price: £50 per 1000 words for General Documents
£55 per 1000 words for Specialised Translation

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