Website Translation

With Stanley Solutions - English Polish translation of a website is easy as 1,2,3. Give us your website URL. Tell us any specific requirements, and we do the rest!

Gain the competitive edge by creating the Polish version of your website.
Be the first one to capture the loyalty of this new, dynamically growing market
niche - Polish consumers.

Did you know that potential customers are four times more likely to make a purchase, if they are addressed in their own language? If you're here, you must have known that...
So whether you want to address Polish communities living in the UK or companies based in Poland, we will adapt our linguistic skills to deal with your order to your full satisfaction.

Our range of services covers all aspects of the website creation process and we can adopt multiple approaches in order to create your Polish web page - be it a simple information website or a complex web store, we can help! Thanks to our collaboration with great Polish web designers we will deal with your order with a full proficiency.

Solely by using our service you will receive a final product of a fully functional web page, running on-line and registered with Polish search engines (optional).

The range of our services include:

  • Translation of the text content (see Document Translation)
  • Translation of all the graphical elements (pictures, dynamic scripts, banners etc.)
  • Translation of the voice content with use of the professional narrators
  • Localisation (we will keep exactly the same layout as in the source document)
  • Registration with Polish search engines (, WP, Onet, Interia, etc.)
  • After sale care, if you need to modify or update your web page
  • Optimisation for Polish search engines (monthly fees apply)
  • Cultural appropriateness, implementation of Polish customs (on demand, at no extra charge)
  • Polish domain registration
Of course, you can choose only these options, which best suit your needs.

How it works

  • E-mail us the source files and your requirements.
  • After agreement on the rate and the time frame, we embark on the project.
  • We choose an appropriate translator accordingly to the nature of the content.
  • Once the translation is carried out, web designers create the Polish version of the web page (the coding system remains unchanged), under the supervision of a language specialist.
  • The final product is thoroughly checked for the translation quality, language appropriateness and web page functionality.
  • Depending on the arrangements, we can send you an upload ready web page or we upload it by ourselves, register with Polish search engines and optimise the scripts in order to get the best position in the searching results list.

Price: Translation of the text content: Our standard rates
Web Localisation: from £15 per page

Please note that the prices given are not binding. There are no two same web pages, thus we are unable to quote you with the exact rates without seeing the original web page. Please e-mail us your whole project along with the requirements and we will give you a firm quotation promptly.

We guarantee completion on time and on budget set in our quotation. You know the price from the very beginning and you can be sure there will be no hidden costs or extra charges.

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