Polish criminal record check

Polish criminal record check is one of the most effective tools for pre employent screening, whenever your candidates resided in Poland.

Source of Information

The Polish criminal record check is run against the information sourced from the Polish National Criminal Registry (NCR*)  who are  a subdivision of the Polish Ministry of Justice and counterparts of the Criminal Records Bureau in the U.K.

With a nationwide cover NCR records convictions and penalties pertinent to criminal offences committed in Poland by Polish, as well as foreign citizens. As a result we reveal criminal records regardless of part of country the subject lived in or where the offence took place.

In addition to the criminal record database NCR run a nationwide Register of Detained and Wanted Persons which enables you to identify potential criminals yet to be prosecuted, hiding from the justice away from Poland. We run this check as a part of our standard service, at no extra cost.


We will provide you with the official Polish Criminal Records Certificate (CRC) issued by the NCR. The document holds applicant’s identification details, indication of the searched databases and the results. All the “clear” CRCs are marked with a “NOT LISTED” seal. Once a conviction is found the NCR provide an additional page of the CRC including the following information:

  • Conviction legal basis
  • Judgment issue and validation date, index mark
  • Penalty type, means of prevention, conditional penalty cancellation
  • Execution of the penalty and application of means of prevention (dates)
  • Suspension of the penalty (dates)
  • Dates of detention and arrest if no judgment was made
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  • Name of the court


The Polish criminal record check report you receive is provided as a PDF file consisting of a scan of the original certificate and its English translation. Additionally, in case of the “hit” certificates we include a detailed description of the provisions breached and applicable penalties. We send the hard copies of the CRCs upon request for an additional fee.

Please find below samples of the Polish criminal record check:

Icon of a Polish criminal record check from the Ministry of Justice

Polish criminal record certificate holding no convictions

Sample of a Polish criminal record check containing conviction

Polish criminal record certificate revealing a conviction

Time scope

The certificate shows unspent convictions only. Convictions become spent after a number of years, depending on the level of the penalty. The time is measured from the day the penalty was executed, waived or expired:

  • Ten years in case of depravation of freedom (or after five years in case of penalties lesser than three years of imprisonment).
  • Five years in case of fines and restriction of freedom (e.g. detention, arrest). Records may be erased after three years on the convict’s request.
  • One year if the penalty was waived by the Court.

Process and Turnaround Time

We initiate the check upon receipt of the original, hard copy application pack (two pages) completed and hand signed by the applicant and a scan/picture of the subject’s proof of ID. The document pack needs to be posted to our Warsaw office either by you, your client or the applicant himself/herself. All applications are processed as they arrive.


*NCR (Krajowy Rejestr Karny) collects information from the Supreme Court, common courts (district courts, circuit courts and courts of appeal) and military courts from all around Poland.


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